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Corporate Annual Report Template

Corporate Annual Report

Present a professional and visually-captivating annual report this year, using the Corporate Annual Report Template from Venngage!

Crunch the numbers and celebrate every milestone using this Corporate Annual Report Template. A a two-tone color palette and transparent overlays provide the professional and engaging design you’re looking for. Start by adding your own content - titles, subheaders and body text. Use easy-to-read fonts that are bold and clear. You can use vibrant borders and banners as accents to bring out each heading or subheading. For a captivating color palette, try using the brand kit. You can instantly add your own brand colors, logos and other visual elements with a click. You can switch through different color palettes until you find the right one, too. Or just check out the vibrant gradient backgrounds as well. Choose high-quality stock photos from the Venngage library to complement your content. To maintain the minimalist design, apply transparent overlays that subdue your visuals and establish a sense of design consistency and harmony. You’ll be done before you know it, impressing your colleagues with your professional graphic-design skills! Try this corporate annual report template today and let us know about your design experience using